Who are we?

Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) is a student-run club at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

We provide resources for undergraduate students to learn about research and to kickstart their research careers.

What is research?

Research is any pursuit undertaken to enrich our understanding of the world. Since research takes place in all academic disciplines, it comes in many different forms. Some researchers study the response of cancer cells to new drugs or the effect of trade agreements on local energy markets. Others develop low-cost systems for water purification or examine how the language we use for describing a historical event changes over time.

Undergraduate research experience allows students to make a real contribution to their field while improving their understanding of classroom concepts and becoming more competitive applicants for graduate school or jobs in industry. Place and Promise, UBC’s strategic plan, acknowledges its importance by making a commitment to “to support student engagement in research at the undergraduate level”.

How do I get involved?

Whether you’re a seasoned undergraduate researcher or someone looking to get their first research experience, URO’s got something for you. Select one of our programs to learn more.


Get your first research experience by working on your own project with the help of a graduate student mentor.
Need advice? Talk to a senior undergraduate researcher who’s been through it all before.
A one-night workshop and networking bonanza for life sciences students with all levels of experience.
Finished your research project? You could get $500 to present it at Harvard.
Finished your research project? Now you Can Play.