For Mentees

Mentee applications will open in September for the 2018-19 school year! Please apply then for the next REX cycle.

Being a REX Mentee

Register for URO

Email us at or come by our office, NEST 3302H, to buy a $10 membership.

Get your URO number

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Read the mentor biographies

They are in a document at the top of this page.

Decide who you'd like to work with...

…look into their research, and think about the sort of project you’d like to do with them. Answer the question: “What interests me most about this mentor’s research?”

Fill out the application

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Any undergraduate student at UBC can apply to be a REX mentee. Students are welcome from all faculties, departments, and years. We’re looking for students who are ambitious, self-motivated, organized, curious, and most importantly, interested in learning more about research. The time commitment is typically 1 hour/week from October to March.

Why get involved with REX?

  • Get some early research experience. REX accepts UBC undergraduates students as early as during the start of their first year. Many students are already in their third or fourth year before they find a research placement.
  • Develop fundamental research skills. While REX students are not guaranteed any lab or field experience, they have the opportunity to formulate research questions, conduct literature reviews, design experiments, write abstracts, and present academic posters. These creative and critical thinking skills can make you a more competitive applicant for future research placements.
  • Network. Meet researchers and undergraduates with similar academic interests. Several of our past mentors have gone on to hire students demonstrating excellence in the program.
  • Learn if research is right for you. Get a taste of research before you commit to more intensive placements or graduate school programs.

Past REX Projects

These are posters produced by past REX students. Click on a poster to see it in higher resolution.

REX Mentee Manual