A URO membership is your ticket to accessing REX, Office Hours, Research Connect, and the URO NCRC Travel Grant. UBC students can join URO by:

  1. Paying the membership fee in-person
  2. Joining the “Undergraduate Research Opportunities” group in AMS Clubhouse and filling out the General Waiver Form

When you pay your membership fee, you’ll be emailed the link to an intake form. The form consists primarily of multiple choice questions and it’ll give us an idea of how we can tailor our programs to meet your needs. After submitting the form, you’ll receive an email with a 6-digit membership number. Keep this number on hand – you’ll be asked for it when you’re booking an appointment for Office Hours, signing up for a Research Connect Account, or applying for REX or the NCRC Travel Grant.

Membership Fees

$5 access to all URO programs, excluding REX

$10 access to all URO programs, including REX


Membership can be purchased at our booth on Imagine Day (September 5 on Main Mall) and AMS Clubs Days (September 19-22 in the NEST). We’ll also be selling memberships during Office Hours and at REX events.Check out our Facebook page for updates on our events.

What if I don't go to UBC?

Unfortunately, we’re not accepting members from outside UBC (Vancouver campus) at this time. You are still welcome to attend the Life Sciences Research Night or to submit a manuscript to the Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research. Check out our Additional Resources page to find research opportunities that might be available to you.