Research Experience Program (REX)


What is the REX Program?

Nearly all of our members participate in the Research Experience (REX) program, which is open to UBC students from all faculties and departments. REX matches undergraduate students with little to no research experience, typically in groups of 2-4, with a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in their field. Under their guidance, they develop a theoretical research project that can be published in an undergraduate paper or presented at UBC’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC)?

MURC is the largest undergraduate research conference in BC and takes place in late March. Participants will get their posters printed for FREE. There will be workshops regarding abstracts and presenting for students, hosted by MURC. Please note that REX does NOT run MURC, so questions about MURC should be directed to MURC organizers, not the REX Committee. More information can be found at

Am I obligated to let students into my lab?

No. We inform all of our students that their projects are proposals and there is no “wet lab” component to REX. Feel free to allow students into your lab or research group if you wish, but this is not an obligation of the REX program.

How are mentors and mentees matched up?

As a mentor, you will submit a short profile summarizing your research interests to be posted on our website. Students will indicate their preferred mentors when they apply to the program. You will then have the opportunity to browse through interested students’ applications and to select your preferred mentees. Matching will be finalized in October with each group consisting of around 2-4 students and mentors.

I have never mentored undergraduates before. Can I be a mentor?

Yes! REX is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your mentoring skills. We will also be holding mentoring workshops.

Does the research question have to be related to my current research project?

No; however, we suggest you indicate the field of research you want your mentees to be focusing on in your Mentor Profile. If you have a specific project you would like mentees to work on, also mention this in your profile.