National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC)

The NCRC is one of North America’s largest multidisciplinary undergraduate research conferences. Organized by the Harvard Collegiate Undergraduate Research Association, the conference sees over 200 undergraduates from over 80 universities each year. Participants have the opportunity to share their own research while networking with other students and attending presentations by leading international researchers. Past speakers have included Dr. George Daley, a leading stem cell researcher and dean of the Harvard Medical School; Dr. Robert Gallo, a pioneer in the discovery of HIV; and Dr. Robert Langer, the most published engineer in human history.

The 2018 NCRC will take place on January 18-20, 2018 in Cambridge, MA. Click here for the NCRC website.

URO NCRC Travel Grant

The URO National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) Travel Grant provides $500 to subsidize registration, travel, and accommodation costs incurred through participation in the NCRC. Up to five Grants are awarded per year. The Grant does not cover the full cost of attending the NCRC, and recipients are expected to cover any remaining expenses (generally $100-$200) out-of-pocket or through other grants. Check out our additional resources page for other sources of funding.

How it works

Applications are now open!
Grant application deadline: December 8, 2017 (note that the NCRC application itself is due December 1st)

There are three steps to applying for the URO NCRC Travel Grant:

1. Become a URO member. Membership costs $5. Check out our Membership page for more information. You will be asked for your membership number on the URO NCRC Travel Grant application form.

2. Apply to present at the NCRC by December 1st.
Apply to present at the NCRC at by the December 1st due date and take a screenshot of your submitted application. You will be asked to submit your screenshot for your application to the URO NCRC Travel Grant. If selected as a URO NCRC Travel Grant recipient, you will be asked for confirmation of your acceptance to the NCRC before you can claim your grant.

3. Fill out the URO NCRC Travel Grant application form. This form must be completed by December 8th.

Applications are anonymized and scored by senior URO executives using a standard adjudication form, found here. The top 20 applications from this stage are externally reviewed using the same adjudication form by two postgraduate reviewers, one specialized in your field and the second from another area of study.
Grant recipients who submit their conference name badge as proof of their attendance at the NCRC will be reimbursed for all their conference related expenses up to $500, including travel, accommodation, and conference fees. Boarding passes and all receipts must be submitted to URO’s treasurer, Wallace Yuen, at by the end of February.