1. Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC)

The Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) is a conference for UBC undergraduate students to showcase their research in front of their fellow UBC students, family, and friends. Researchers may choose one of two formats to showcase their research: presentation or poster.

  1. AUS Research Conference

The Arts Undergraduate Conference holds a conference each January. Undergraduate students in the faculty of Arts can showcase their academic work

  1. UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference

The UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference, hosted by the UBC Neuroscience Club (UNC), brings together the neuroscience community at UBC to celebrate undergraduate research.

  1. Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

The Undergraduate Research Conference showcases research projects of Honours and Directed Studies undergraduate students of the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

  1. National Collegiate Research Conference

The Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA) hosts the conference. NCRC promotes the growth of an international undergraduate research community by facilitating communication, collaboration, and identity for undergraduate students in the global research sphere.

  1. Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference (CURC)

CURC provides undergraduate research students the opportunity to present their work in front of the public, their peers and faculty.

  1. Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference

Undergraduate researchers who have spearheaded any form of psychology & neuroscience research can  present at this conference.